What would it be like to have asthma but no access to effective drugs?

Many people in the world know only too well. In low-income countries, asthma drugs are often either unaffordable or unavailable.

For people in this situation there are serious consequences. Children are unable to attend school. Adults are prevented from earning a living. Asthma still has the power to blight lives – even to kill.

Asthma International aims to make a difference in the lives of asthmatics overseas. Working in partnership with local doctors and community hospitals, it supplies asthma medications, equipment and advice.

In February 2016 Asthma International began a $27,000 programme to treat 100 children of school age from low-income backgrounds.

Please donate today to allow this work to continue. You could make a big difference to a child or an adult living with untreated asthma.